2020 was a challenging year. But it also marked a moment worth celebrating – Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s 50th Anniversary. It’s an incredible story and we’re about to tell it to the world. 50 Years of Coming Together for a Cure is a commemorative journal highlighting the amazing efforts and people who have helped save the lives of tens of thousands of children since our journey began. And you can play an important part in it.     

We have reason to celebrate – what we don’t have are live celebrations

The sad reality is the pandemic led to a 30% reduction in Pediatric Cancer Foundation donations last year – along with the cancelation of all our scheduled 2021 galas, luncheons and other live events. Which is why we’re relying on The Journal to provide the majority of this year’s funds. Your donation will not only be recognized within The Journal, but more importantly, it will help save more children’s lives. Because one thing that hasn’t stopped is pediatric cancer:

• More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year 

• Cancer continues to be the leading cause of non-accidental deaths in children ages 1 to 14

• Only 4% of U.S. federal funding for cancer research goes towards childhood cancer

We’ve come a long way and we refuse to stop

Thanks to the combined efforts of so many caring people, pediatric cancer survivor rates have risen from 58% in 1970 to 80% today. But there’s more work to be done and your donation to our historic journal will help make an important difference. So please take a moment to review the options below. 

Back Cover:  $25,000

Platinum Page:  $10,000

Gold Page:  $5,000

Silver Page:  $2,500

Full Page:  $1,000

½ Page:  $500

¼ Page:  $250

Name Listing:  $100