Canasta Virtual Event – Canasta for a Cure

Tuesday May 12, 2020 | Register by May 11, 3pm

Registration fee is $20/person. Please register yourself individually and make sure that your contact information is accurate for all communications. Be creative with your Team Name!


Notes for Participants

All Players new to the game must have the Canasta Junction App (available through the APP store on your iPhone or iPad or through for Mac and PC computers). Kindle and Android devices will not be acceptable for this event.

All players must SIGN UP within the APP (under ACCOUNT TAB) with a unique username.

All players must submit their email and contact phone number. They should sign up where possible as a TEAM.

Draw placement will be random.

The first team to score 8500 points is the winner. Special Hands are permitted as per the rules of the App and the Canasta League of America. Note for example a Pairs hand with wilds, must have Aces and 7s.

First Round matches will be announced on the PCF website. Players are expected to connect with their opponents by phone or email to arrange a time to play their match. All matches will be played on Canasta Junction’s LIVE platform. Each round, players will be given the SAME game number to play so the first hand of every first-round match will be a duplicate game. Subsequent hands may vary.

Scores should be reported back to the administrator of the tournament promptly so that the website and tournament draw can be updated.

All matches must be played timely but within 48 hours for the first match.

The winners of the first match will continue in the Main Event. The other team will move to the Second Chance Draw.

The Second Round Matches will be announced on the website and players should follow the same protocol as with the first round. This round, only the winners will move forward in their brackets.PLAYING:

  • Be sure that you are logged in to your account on CJ
  • Click on PLAY GAME
  • Player designated as HOST should CREATE GAME
  • Name of the Game is at the discretion of the players, agreed upon previously
  • Password should be 2020 for all games
  • Host should NOT utilize the “AI Takeover” – if players leave or get disconnected, they need to rejoin
  • Host should NOT allow spectators of adjust the rule of 5
  • In the ADVANCED OPTIONS = delete the predetermined game number and enter in the game number given by the Tournament Director
  • Host clicks START GAME and waits for players to join. Then Assign teams as designated on draw.


Host is responsible for reporting BOTH team scores to the Tournament Director via email promptly so that the website and tournament draw can be updated.